Puffin Express
Based in
INVERNESS, Highlands of Scotland

I specialize in private day-tours from Inverness - "The Capital of the Highlands", especially to Orkney in the Northern Isles, with an emphasis on prehistoric sites. Click here for details of our tours to Orkney. Links to our contact details can be found on that part of our site.
I led my first tour to Orkney in 1975, with tours every spring/summer and many autumns for a score of years after that. From 1995 to 1999 I lived in Orkney with my wife and centenarian aunt; during these four years we ran day tours from March to October. I visited - and hiked round! - most of the inhabited islands, and some uninhabited, and so can bring an unusual breadth, as well as depth, of knowledge to your visit to the archipelago.
Sinclair Dunnett
Inverness, May 2017

Sinclair Dunnett in a WW2 lookout on north
Moray Firth Coast, during path work for
John o'Groats Coastal Trail

Photo courtesy Lynn Anderson

Last update: 15 March 2018

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Scheduled Tours in the Highlands & Islands of Scotland

Puffin Express/GO-Orkney no longer offer any scheduled trips but we are pleased to advise you Highland Experience now operate day tours from Inverness (see map on right) to John o'Groats and Applecross similar to those which Puffin Express operated for a dozen years.
I drive some tours for Highland Experience.

The map to the right* shows the routes followed by Highland Experience's Applecross and John o'Groats tours.
The map also shows the islands of Lewis and Orkney, to which HE offer multi-day tours, starting from Inverness or Edinburgh. Do not confuse HE's multi-day trips to Orkney with our private 1-day tours there, ex-Inverness.

*The map is from Puffin Express's programme in 2010; the MONARCH and MEY routes shown are not operated by HE.






You can also join the above trips from Edinburgh or Glasgow on a multi-day trip through Scottish Tours:
From Edinburgh:
  • Skye/Loch Ness & Black Isle (3-day);
  • John o'Groats/Loch Ness & Black Isle (3-day);
  • Skye/John o'Groats/Loch Ness & Black Isle (4-day).

    From Glasgow:

  • Skye/Loch Ness & Black Isle (3-day);
  • John o'Groats/Loch Ness & Black Isle (3-day);
  • Skye/John o'Groats/Loch Ness & Black Isle (4-day).

    Other combinations are also possible if you take time to explore the Scottish Tours website.