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Private Tours - Transport

I offer private tours anywhere in Scotland but especially north of the Great Glen, including Orkney and the Outer Hebrides.. Though I say "anywhere", I am not keen on Loch Ness trips or north Skye.
Transport is normally in our Škoda Yeti:

This is a roomy vehicle for driver + three passengers - we've had a 6'5" [1.95m] friend in the seat behind the driver's and he was fine for both leg and headroom. You sit higher than in most private cars, which enhances your view.
With four passengers, it means three in the back seat, which is a bit cosier. This seat is 47" wide, or 1.2m; "elbow room" is 54" [4 ft], 1.37 m. All seats in the vehicle have full 3-point seat belts.
If your group of four includes several neat people, you'll probably be fine. If you're all big, three in the back seat is not comfortable. If you're a group of four and uncertain, the best thing would be to try a Yeti before you book, or any vehicle with similar back seat dimensions to those given above. (I have not seen any Yeti on a recent visit to the US, I guess they're not sold there.)
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